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dubai rolling cargoUnder the heading "rolling cargo" you have the possibility to request a free no obligation quote for your vehicle, from cars to campervans, motorhomes and to trucks.

However, the "rolling" shipment  is also suitable for project and heavy lift cargo on appropriate trailers.
The loading takes place on roll-on / roll-off ships which serve the ports of Jebel Ali and Abu Dhabi as floating car parks on a regular service. These transport routes can be be booked in both directions, ie from Europe to the United Arab Emirates as well as back from the UAE.

Our service applies to commercial customers and individuals. Our employees at Pangaea and at our partner Tethys Logistics in Dubai will advise you extensively on the optimal transport route, inform you about the policies, also regarding customs, and create a customized offer.

For less cargo load shipping from Dubai, like single crates, boxes or paletts, click here, please  Less Cargo

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